Thursday, March 2, 2017

Brussels are Bae

It's funny how your tastes change over time. As a kid, broccoli was bae, my all time favorite veggie and brussels sprouts wasn't even on my radar. And now, as an adult, I jump for joy as if I just won the lottery when I see brussels sprouts on the menu. It's that serious. A restaurant will go from forgettable to memorable instantly if they do my favorite veggie justice.

Here are all the wonderful places in Houston you will find these mini cabbages at. and please, if you know a place that is serving up dope brussels in Houston that make you want to slap your mama - LET A SISTER KNOW!

JINYA Ramen Brussels Sprouts in Tonkotsu Ramen
JINYA RAMEN BAR - Brussels Sprouts Tempura and Brussel Sprouts Topping
What's the damn deal: You can pick my least favorite veg (sweet potato) and I will eat it if it's tempura fried. I swear, nothing is bad in tempura batter and doused in soy sauce. At Jinya, you can get brussels sprout tempura with truffle oil. They've also added it as a new topping option so you know my ramen bow is lit up with brussels now.
Where to get your grub on: Jinya Ramen Bar3201 Louisiana St Ste 105

EDISON HOUSTON - Crispy Brussels
What's the damn deal: The red meat equivalent to brussels to me is pork belly so imagine my ultimate foodgasm when pork belly and brussels unite in a dreamy Asian vinaigrette. Thank you Edison for killing me and bringing me back to life with this dish.
Where to get your grub on: Edison Houston4203 Edison St Houston, Texas 77009

Killen's STQ Brussels Sprouts Side 
KILLEN'S STQ - Brussels Sprouts
What's the damn deal: Skillet caramelized brussels sprouts in its glory. Just plain delicious.
Where to get your grub on: Killen's STQ2231 S Voss Rd

BENJY'S - Crispy Brussels Sprouts
What's the damn deal: Ok, Benjy's is like a two for one Brussel Sprout heaven. Both locations serves up crispy brussels on their happy hour appetizers but slightly different. At the Rice Village location, the crispy brussels are tossed in soy vinaigrette and topped with peanuts and bonito flakes. The Washington location is tossed in banyuls vinegar and topped with parmesan cheese. Both are equally as heavenly.
Where to get your grub on: Benjy'sRICE VILLAGE: 2424 Dunstan;  WASHINGTON: 5922 Washington
Wokker Texas Ranger Bonito Brussels Sprouts 
WOKKER TX RANGER - Bonito Brussels Sprouts
What's the damn deal: This is my most recent obsession. I've been a bit over the Houston Food Truck scene lately but Wokker Texas Ranger has reinvigorated the  food truck stalker in me partially thanks to this dish (among their other amazing items but I'll save that for another day, today it's all about the veg). These mini cabbage wanna-bes are flash fried with caramelized onions and pickled golden raisins and then tossed in a tasty vinaigrette with our neighborhood creepy, crawly bonito flake friends. Believe me, the Bonito Brussels Sprouts will make America great again.
Where to get your grub on: Wokker Texas RangerLocation Changes Daily

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Laine said...

If you love Brussels you must try the garden sammy as a salad from Local Foods! The Brussels are amazing!!

And yes, couldn’t agree more with your list. I personally adore Benjy’s Brussels!!