Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Seconds of Internet Stardom

It was a typical monday for me. I came into the office and tried turning my brain on again after the weekend. A few emails here and there then dashed away for a store visit and offsite vendor meeting. I walked into the meeting room at the vendor's office to find my a college friend and a fellow former Minnesotan's face plastered all over a sign for Academy. It's Tina!! How cute! I have to take a picture and send it to her later.
Hi Tina!!!
I whip out my phone for the first time since 8AM,  6 hours ago, to take a picture of Tina.....and to find lots more incoming messages than typical for a Monday....Little did I know, all the while my face was plastered all over the world wide web!! I mean, not just on my blog that only my mom subscribes to but Buzzfeed - the mecca of viral social media shits and giggles.

My first reaction was "what is going on!" then "sushi sounds delicious but what is michael talking about!" then "Buzzfeed... uh shit what did I do now?" The solution? Facebook. Facebook always has the answers. I log on and lo and behold, a wall post with a link to a Buzzfeed article "19 brilliant ways to dress up like food". I open it up to see a blast-from-the-past me looking right at me in my sew-free, glue-friendly nigiri sushi glory. Now the cats out of the bag... The girl who loves food, blogs about food, also dresses like food for Halloween. 

Thanks to my friend, Sarah, for turning me onto my 10 seconds of internet stardom and Buzzfeed for the feature! 

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