Monday, August 19, 2013

Girls Night Out turned Engagement

Girls Nite Out!!! or so you think!
At the beginning of 2013, Stella told me that when she turned 25, she started going to weddings. I turned 25 this year and 2 of my closest friends are now engaged! Jenna and Josh got engaged in May and on Saturday, August 17, 2013, Alice and Danny, got engaged!!!

The ring:

Danny has started planning the proposal since February. He enlisted my help in about March and we started planning the proposal via email and lunches at Pappasito's. There were hiccups along the way.... Alice's dad slipped about Danny having the ring when he went to ask for permission for Alice's hand in marriage. The pressure was on to make this even more of a surprise now that Alice knew it was coming. 

Ring. Check.

The set up:

The week before, I called Alice to let her know I had won a Girls Night Out prize sponsored by my company. (My company does a lot of giveaways so it's not uncommon. I won round trip tickets at a previous event). The Girls Night Out included 4 makeovers for 4 girls and a limo ride to Pleasure Pier for a cocktail party. This provided the perfect opportunity for Alice to unknowingly get photo ready for her big day. The 3 girls I would've invited would have without a doubt been Tiffany, Jenna, and Alice. However, we had to scheme a way for Alice to invite her best friends Vy, Carmen, or Julia. Jenna and Tiffany "couldn't make it" so there was vacancies for the girls night out. As planned, Alice invited Vy and Carmen.

Best friends. Check.

Proposal Day:

(1) Make overs with cupcakes and champagne
The girls came over at 4PM to get our make up done and get dressed. My company (aka Danny) provided complimentary cupcakes and champagne. The Girls Nite Out was a fabulous touch!!

Alice with her cupcake and getting her make-up done
Unexpecting girlfriend. Check.

(2) Limo ride to Galveston

Having fun in the limo with our champagne. Cheers to Girls Night Out!
photoready Alice. check.

(3) Proposal

Julia greeted Alice immediately when we got there. Alice was confused as she was being pulled out of the limo and it all sunk in when she saw her beau in the sand surrounded by candles and rose petals. Danny sucessfully pulled off a proposal at sunset, on the beach, with roses, candles, and with her closest friends and family to witness this beautiful moment. 

Down on one knee...


Danny: "She said YES!"
Alice: "He put a RING on it!!"

Proposal. check.


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