Saturday, April 13, 2013

Strawberry Picking at Froberg's Farm

Spring means Strawberry season is here!!! Strawberries and Apples are my absolute favorite fruits and I can never get tired of them. Strawberry peak season (depending on local) is roughly April - June. From the first peak of sun, Manny and I decided to go Strawberry Picking at Froberg's Farm in Alvin, TX.

The whole experience is pretty organized. You walk into the mobile building and workers direct you to the back. You buy the bucket for $1. Strawberries are $2 a pound and are weighed at the end. A full bucket holds about 5 pounds ($10) worth of strawberries. Strawberries in peak season go for about $1 a pound at the supermarket so you do pay a 100% premium for the experience of picking fresh, local strawberries. Before you are set into the fields, you get a run down of the rules and advice on how to choose the ripest berries (red all the way to the top).

And we're off!

We walk through fields and files of strawberries, all the cute red pops of color against the lush green bush. For some reason, I thought strawberries grew in a huge bush like blueberries. I was doing all kinds of aerobics trying to get the blueberries on the side of the bush. Strawberries are much easier to pick.

Strawberry bushes have pretty white flowers on them. So cute! I like picking strawberries better than Apples cause the "grossest" things you will find is a few small holes, small bugs, or mold on the strawberries. I remember with apples, you had to deal with some nasty big bugs and holes (worms?! thank god I never saw one though).

Our first strawberry! Ripe and red all the way to the top.

We are picking strawberries for about 30 minutes before we filled up our shared bucket. Kids really have an advantage in this activity - they are much lower to the ground. I'm 24 but the constant squatting was killer on my thighs! Look at me doing the asian-squat. Manny ain't got nothing on the asian-squat!

Tips: (1) wear old shoes or boots
(2) do a few leg stretches for all the squatting

Ta-da a full bucket!

As we walked back to the entry building, I spot the beautiful tree that is adorned on the Froberg's bucket. It is such a beautiful tree!

Right outside the building are various herbs and flowers you can buy. Somehow I got sucked into getting a jalapeno plant for the plant pots I inherited from my neighbor who moved out.

I came for strawberries and walked out with a Jalapeno plant. Let's hope I don't kill it.

Inside the building is a farmer's market. There's everything from fresh produce to pies, honey, and snacks. The prices are comparable to the grocery store and you can feel good about supporting and eating local :)

mmm so many yummy things to do with these strawberries! I'm writing down a grocery list to get ingredients for Strawberry Cheesecake, Strawberry Shortcake, and more. Stay tuned!!

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