Monday, February 18, 2013

Shoot a Gun

Sweet Manny took a look at my 101 in 1001 days list and saw "shoot a gun" as one of my 101 things. He planned a fun date for us on Saturday at the Athena Gun Club. The place was really nice, clean, and safe. Athena provided safety gear such as glasses and the headphones. There was a safety brief before allowing us into the gun range. 

Manny shot a few rounds and made it look easy enough. Then it was my turn.... I held the gun in my hands and rush came through me. I felt like such a bad ass. What am I doing in Marketing? This is my calling. I could totally be a Charlie's Angel - fighting crime, kicking ass, and saving the world. Here goes the first moment of my new crime-fighting future. I held the gun and pointed it at the target. Manny helps me hold the gun steady as I pull the trigger. I get jolted back, the bullet shell comes flying out of the gun, I scream, and drop the gun, eyes wide open, heart pounding through my ears. I run behind Manny and tell him I was done, it's been real but it's time to go home now.

Manny laughs and encourages me to go through the entire magazine (12 shots). After shot 5 and trembling, I ask "is it over yet? why is there so many bullets in this thing?!". Ok, maybe this crime fighting business is not my thing. So, I can scratch off Charlie's Angels from my dreams and just stick to Charming Charlie, Marketing. Thanks for the thrill but I'll stick to my 4 P's.

He wins. I barely hit the target.

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