Monday, September 17, 2012


Love is what connects us as humans. It's hard to explain and the experience is unique to each person. Love is amazing and enriches our lives. It brings so much happiness and joy to us. When you are in that happy and loving mindset, life is great. You find joy in the smallest things and overcome setbacks much more gracefully. It has that much power in bettering our life experience. Yet, it's something that we don't take much time to learn more about or gain a better skill set in. We spend so much time and money on things like cars, food, clothes, education, career, etc. but spend so little time on the one thing that makes us happy - relationships (with our friends, our family, our significant others).

I've committed myself in learning more about love - how to maintain it, build and foster loving relationships. I've educated myself by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies, Human Relations. I took courses on intimate relationships, family communication, interpersonal communication, etc. I've also taking continuing education courses and workshops as well as reading articles/newsletters from renowned love "gurus". I've seen my relationships become richer and in turn, enjoying much happiness. I'm continually learning more about this area and finding ways to better my relationships. There are blog posts that pull together my learnings from college, workshops, and articles/newsletters. I hope that these blog posts can help enrich your lives and relationships.

Enrich your relationships:
- Complain less. Get more.
- 3 ways to improve conflict
- Love is acceptance

Common Myths in Love/Dating:
- Love comes to those who are not looking for it
- Online dating are for losers
- Men are commitment phobes
- You have to play games in love

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