Thursday, July 5, 2012

June in Review

It seemed like a domino of events. One after another after another. I craved sitting in my dad's leather chair and pouring out each moment into cyberspace in hope to capture it permanently in my blog. It's been a month since I had a completely free opportunity and my brain isn't fried from my daily grind to sit and regroup on the past month.

The biggest highlight from this past month are my two Vegas trips. Yes, be jealous my friends, I went not once but TWICE. Vegas is definitely my type of place. The lights are intoxicating and the fun never ends. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera on both occasions - doh! Please excuse the lower quality images :)

Vegas trip #1:

I went with two of my close girl friends: Penny and Crystal.

Here we are stuntin' at breakfast time. 

We stayed at Paris Hotel.

Sippin' on our drinks from Fat Tuesday

Our night out at Ch√Ęteau in Paris
The clubs in Vegas were so nice. Very fancy and everyone is ridiculously good looking. At Chateau, they were playing a mix of old school hip hop and new hip hop. Upstairs they were blasting the EDM. I was so happy fist pumping until my friends got too cold on the outside. Who would think that it would be so cold at night in May?

How can vegas be complete without lounging by the pool and taking pics with random strangers? We spent some time at Planet Hollywood pool.

Vegas trip #2:

My friend Chris hooked me up with an EDC ticket. We raged allllll night. EDC is the biggest electronic dance music carnival in the U.S. It was definitely epic and a crazy experience. It was a night of dancing our hearts out to great music and making new friends :) 

Deb, me, and Tiffany. Tiffany was a close friend of my growing up. We were besties in middle school until she moved away to Spring HS. I haven't seen her since we were 13! It was so crazy to run into her again. Definitely a pleasant surprise! 

Tiffany, me, and Deb

New friends with cool glasses

Our group <3: Tiffany, Huy, Me, Deb, and Chris the man that made it all happen :)

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