Thursday, July 5, 2012

24th Birthday: w/ Friends

This past Monday was the 3rd anniversary of my 21st birthday as I like to call it. I celebrated with my family and friends this past weekend. I have to say, this was the absolute best birthday I have ever had. I was so happy the entire weekend. I feel so loved and blessed to have such amazing friends and family. We had so much fun eating and dancing our hearts away. I had such good food this weekend, I gained 3 lbs! I'm going to blog about each restaurant separately:
Friday night I had a girls night out Vegas style (Vegas was still on my mind!). We dressed up, had pimptress cups, and my friend Long came to take pictures as "paparazzi"

I made pimptress cups for my girls! Here it says "Eweezy", "JWow" and "TPain" for my two besties!

Me, Jenna, and Alice

Stunna shades

Jenna rocking the stunna shades

Alice being artistic

Tiffany, Me, Jenna, and Alice




Saturday night we allowed the boys to come back into the picture. We went to Aka sushi for all day happy hour. I requested my favorite waiter, Tony, and we had such a blast. Then we went out to Red Door to dance our hearts away to EDM.

So happy to have such great friends to share my birthday with!

Making a wish ;)

My besties... JET for life!

Me and my girl Penny!!!

Me and Nick

Alan, Daniel, Marion, Nancy, and Richard

Nick, Penny, Tovey, Molly, and Tim

Me, Tiffany, Alice, and Penny at Red Door

Vu and I

Jenna, Thu, Me, Stella, and Tiffany


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