Thursday, July 5, 2012

24th Birthday: w/ Family

I am so lucky and blessed to have a close and loving family. My parents took me out to my one of my favorite restaurants: Taste of Texas. My parents took me to Tofu Village for lunch. My daddy hates Korean food but he toughed it out for me! My Aunt Khanh took me to one of my favorite Chinese Restaurants: Confucius Seafood Restaurant.

Mom, Grandma, and Dad

My Aunt Anh, Me, Mom, Dad, and Grandma

My mom and I

Me and my parents

My family <3

Brian, Me, and Aaron 

Uncle Rudy and Aunt Khanh - Thank you for dinner!

Cutie Aaron

Brian and I - I was Brian's age when he was born!

My Uncle Rudy, Aunt Khanh, Mom, and Dad

I love my family <3

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