Saturday, March 31, 2012

Eat at 10 New Restaurants in Houston in a month

1. Monterey's Little Tex Mex - 3/5/12, ★★★★
ummm hey it's a partay it's a partay it's a partay! Every 5th and 15th of the month, margaritas are $.55 all day. Hold up.... read more.

2. Aka Sushi House - 3/10/12, ★★★★
All day happy hour? On a saturday? Aka, where have you been all my life?!?!? The food was good... but don't trust me on the sushi. I'm not a huge sushi fan and will only eat rolls like a more.

3. Red Lion - 3/14/12, ★★★★★
Holy mackerel this place is the bomb diggity, no diggity no doubt! This is paradise for me... from Indian food (Chicken Tikka Masala) to indian-mexican fusion (Tandoori Chicken more.

4. Cafe Adobe - 3/19/12, ★★★★
Mondays is $3 margaritas all day. I mean, it's a Monday after all, you know you need a drank to cure the case of the Mondays. For only $.25 more you can get a flavored more.

5. Myung Dong - 3/21/12, ★★★★★
So, I have a pretty round face. I got some big cheeks and small eyes. I'm Asian, cut me a break and give me a kit kat bar. But with those features I'm always mistaken to be more.

6. Oh My Gogi! - 3/22/12, ★★
Korean BBQ Taco trucks have been sprouting up in Austin when I was living there. I did not go a single week without making a stop for galbi tacos and kimchi fries. Imagine my more

7. Yia Yia Mary's Pappas Greek Kitchen - 3/24/12, ★★★★
[Missy Elliot - "Get Your Freak On"] greek me, greek me gimme some yia yia  gimme some yia yia gimme some more.

8. Kasra Persian Grill - 3/28/12, ★★★
From reading all the rave reviews on Kasra, I really wanted to like it! I stopped by for lunch with a good friend of more.

9. Oxheart - 3/29/12, ★★★★
Oxheart is a very quaint restaurant. Nestled in the corner of I-10 and Nance street. There's no sign for the more.

10. House of Pies - 3/30/12, ★★★★
Pie and delicious diner food!!! eeep! The lunch special was chicken fried steak fingers with mash potatoes and more.


ryon p said...

ya aka is one of my favorites, erica hui's mom owns it!

you should try little bigs!

Erica said...

I did not know that!!! I saw her but I didn't realize her mom owned it.

what is little bigs?