Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back in Houston

My apologies for the lack of blog posts since the end of 2011. I realized I have not posted in here since 2012 started! I went through a lot of changes last month.

I took some time to evaluate my life in Minnesota, my career path at the company, and the growing need to be closer to my family and friends. After careful evaluation, I decided to move back to Houston and pursue a different career path. I took a position as a Marketing Specialist with a women accessories retailer based in Houston. I majored in Marketing and wanted to start developing as a Marketer.

My previous company was great and I had met a lot of great people during my time in Minnesota. I am glad I had that experience because it has helped me see Houston in a new light. I also appreciate the bonds I have with my family and friends a lot more. It's been interesting being back in Houston. I grew up in this city but my experiences are only limited to what I knew as a teenager. It's like I'm being re-introduced to my home town now as an adult. Knowing what it's like to be in a city where I knew absolutely no one, I have a very different perspective now. There are currently a few things I am pursuing.

- New friendships. It is challenging to make friends in a city where you knew no one. I am going to make an effort to get to make friends with people who move to Houston. Minneapolis is not nearly as big as Houston. I can imagine someone moving to Houston and having a hard time meeting people since everything is so spread out. It takes more effort and planning to meet up with people. It definitely helps when both parties make an effort to become friends.

New experiences. When you're living in a new city, you constantly look for things to do. However, a lot of my friends who stayed in Houston typically like to do the same things, eat at the same places, and fall into a routine. Routine is great but I'm also looking to spice up my life with new things to do. Because I had to extend myself to find things to do in Minnesota, I can jumpstart the same process in Houston.

For example, I joined the Texas Young Professionals and plan to attend the networking event this week. There's also I am a huge nerd and love to learn. I found this fabulous place called Leisure Learning Unlimited where they offer courses in everything from dance, crafts, public speaking, and more!! I instantly found at least 10 classes I wanted to take. Due to financial limits, I had to narrow it down to 3. Here are a few I'm wanting to take:
- Photography (I want this camera!!!)
- Public Speaking
- Self-defense
- Communication
- Cooking
- Cake Decorating

- Focus on health. It is definitely challenging to eat healthy in Houston with the large selection of delicious cuisine in every corner. I'm going to balance those indulgences with more thoughtful eating and swapping - consuming more vegetables and fruits, drinking water and tea instead of juice, limiting processed sugars and white carbs. I had an amazing Zumba instructor in Minneapolis named Leah. I loved her classes and she helped me lose 6 lbs! She's an excellent dancer and I loved her choreography. I've been to 2 Zumba classes in Houston and I am less than impressed. The instructors had very boring choreography. I am on the quest to find a good Zumba instructor since it motivates me to go to the gym.


Eunice said...

Loving your goals, and partially agree with many things you said! Wish you the best of luck in Houston, and you've def inspired me to try and find some classes out here to try and learn new things.

Erica said...

aww thanks Eunice! :)

UT said...

For public speaking, try the Toastmasters Club.

Ann said...

Let me know if you like the LLU photography classes! I've been eyeing them too!!

Erica said...

We should take it together!! :)

Stephen Watts said...

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