Tuesday, February 28, 2012

100 things that make me happy

1. Making my parents proud
2. Baking treats for Mochi
3. Texas State Fair
4. Making a new friend
5. Surprises
6. Chocolate dipped strawberries
7. Hanging out with my close friends
8. Feeling beautiful
9. The smell of cookies baking in the oven
10. Isabella's laugh
11. Miniature things
12. Dancing to good music
13. Looking at pictures of fun times
14. Traveling to new places
15. Finding a new "favorite" restaurant
16. Banter with a cute boy
17. Getting a package or letter in the mail
18. Laying in bed after a long day
19. Seeing my friends happy
20. Being the reason someone else is happy
21. Puppies
22. Acing a test
23. Feeling accomplished
24. Trying on new clothes
25. Summer time
26. Feeling acknowledged and understood
27. Laughing with my mom
28. My mom/aunt/grandma's cooking
29. Funny jokes
30. When the person that I like likes me back
31. Winning an award
32. Celebrating birthdays and milestones
33. Planning a fun get-together
34. Christmas with my friends and family
35. Eating Popeye's on Tuesdays
36. Feeling loved
37. Sleeping in after a long week
38. Cooking a delicious meal
39. A good Zumba workout
40. Weddings - people celebrating true love
41. Knowing I can support myself and be independent
42. Being forgiven for a mistake
43. Learning something new
44. Being asked for advice because someone respects my opinion
45. Eating ice cream
46. Long weekends
47. Creative projects
48. Coming up with a good idea
49. Going back home after being away for a while
50. Reading a quote that inspires me
51. Getting dolled up for a event or a night out
52. Hanging with my cousins
53. Visiting my cousins in L.A.
54. When my dad copies what I say especially if it's inappropriate and he doesn't know
55. Coming home to a clean apartment
56. Long, warm showers
57. When things turn out better than I expected
58. Warm, clean laundry
59. Hearing my favorite song
60. Hugs from people I care about
61. Feeling inspired
62. Being productive
63. Surprising someone with thoughtfulness
64. Learning a new dance
65. A beautiful 75 degree weather day
66. Eating at the dinner table with my entire family
67. Experiencing something new and exciting
68. Rockets games!!
69. Singing karaoke at the top of my lungs with my friends
70. Inspiring and motivating someone else
71. Reading a good book
72. Personality tests
73. Getting a haircut I love
74. Hearing funny stories
75. Witnessing acts of kindness
76. Feeling confident
77. Meeting new people
78. Catching up with an old friend
79. Having a good debate
80. Delicious red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting
81. Coffee ice cream with chocolate sprinkles
82. Bubbies Mochi Ice Cream
83. Winning at games
84. Awesome Happy Hour specials
85. Laughing endlessly with Stella
86. A good night out
87. The feeling when you can't hold in a smile no matter how hard you try
88. When people surprise you in a good way
89. Making Cake Pops
90. Eating a hearty meal
91. A good dose of retail therapy
92. Having so much fun I forget what time it is
93. Falling asleep while talking on the phone
94. Seeing a rainbow
95. Jamming to an awesome playlist
96. When someone loves the gift I got them
97. Seeing my favorite artists in concert
98. Waking up and realizing you still have more time to sleep
99. Heartfelt talks
100. Completing a goal :)

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