Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Treats

 I love Christmas themed baked goodies. I crave sugar cookies the most in December with a cup of hot chocolate. Mmmm. Here are some Christmas baked goods that I've made this month.

Sugar Cookies
I used this recipe and added almond extract. Super yummy! I also used this icing recipe. I really like the icing recipe because it dries nice and shiny like professional cookies. It also tastes great. Make sure to use icing food coloring for the best results. I also played around with the ratio of milk to corn syrup than what the recipe suggested for the icing.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes
I used the chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream recipe from Diamonds for Dessert. This was my first attempt at making cupcakes and frosting from scratch. I used Ghiradelli cocoa and it tasted fantastic. I used tiny sugar cookies and yellow icing for the stars. The cake recipe suggests a baking time of 30-35 minutes. To adjust for cupcakes, change the baking time to 18-23 minutes.

Packaged up
Since Christmas is about giving and sharing, I packed up some cupcakes to share :)

Melting Snowman Cookie Balls on a Sugar Cookie
These were a hit at my holiday potluck. I saw this melting snowman sugar cookie online and thought it was super cute. In place of the marshmellow, I decided to use a cookie ball instead. Since I've made so many oreo ones, I decided to change up the game and make nilla cookie balls using the tiramisu ball recipe from Kraft. However, adding coffee to chocolate DID NOT work for me. It made the chocolate hard and have the consistency of mashed potatoes. I'd advise leaving coffee out of the chocolate. I use the same sugar cookie as the one above and used a hello kitty cookie cutter (without the face imprint) for the base of the snowman.

Chocolate M&M Cookies
I was craving chocolate cookies. What better than adding more chocolate to the mix? At first I wanted to do mini M&Ms but they were too pricey for a tube plus I would have to pick out the red and green ones. There's already a red and green bag of M&Ms so I cut my losses. This is a chocolate lover's dream come true.

Mini Ginerbread Cookies
I hate ginger. My mom always says I'm not really Asian because I hate ginger so much. Ginger is viewed as some kind of miracle herb and it's also in a lot of stir fry and desserts. I can taste ginger from a mile away and will curse anyone and their momma if I bite into a piece of ginger. I do have a weird exception... I love gingerbread cookies. Although I was holding my nose when pouring ground ginger in, I love the sweet & spicy taste of gingerbread cookies. The recipe is actually very tasty. The spices were not too overwhelming and the butterscotch pudding mix brings a nice sweetness. Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These are more like gingerbread women. Gingerbread men would be made with snakes and who wants to eat that!? There were these cute little mugs at Michael's and I bought a few. I put the gingerbread cookies into treat bags and presented them in a mug. Cookies and hot cocoa.... mmmm.

Hope this post can inspire your Holiday baking. Happy Holidays! :)

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