Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snow in Minnesota

Snow made its first appearance for the season on Saturday, November 19. It snowed all day. I was too scared to test the driving conditions on the first day - I wasn't sure if the roads would be salted yet or if the trucks were out shovelling so I stayed in bed with Mochi and watched BET's The Game and caught up with How I Met Your Mother. By 8PM I started getting cabin fever and I was itching to go outside already. What am I suppose to do for the next couple cold months?! It still feels so unusual. Texas doesn't get cold enough for jacket until end of December or the start of January. Being freezing cold in November instead of sporting shorts is a new thing for me.

Funny how my definition of a "nice" and "warm" day has changed. Today was considered a nice, warm day although it was in the 30's. The sun was out so I decided to knock some to-do's off of my list - one being to make a snow angel. I wanted to make a snowman too but realized I don't have buttons, or carrots, or anything. I'm happy with a snow angel. I had to be careful though cause I made this in the area where people took their dogs out to potty. I scoped the entire area to make sure there wasn't any yellow snow around before I plopped my entire body on the snow. Mochi and I had a good playtime outside with my neighbor who was kind enough to help me take pictures of my first snow angel ever.

My First Snow Angel
Mochi Clause


Meme said...

Ha ha ha ha i like that Snow Angel, Mochi gaga become Mochi clause ha ha ha...

Huongers said...

I know what you mean...30 degrees F is sooooo toasty :) Well, going back to Texas this week though :D

Your neighbor from Wisconsin ;)