Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cake Pop, Lock, and Drop it

Today was the Employee Vendor Fair at work where employees were invited to bring in their side business, hobby, and services to sell during lunch time to other employees. People were selling things from maple syrup to jewelry, and children's books. I was on the fence about making dog treats or cake pops. Since cake pops have been such a hit and trend, I decided to go for cake pops and other chocolate dipped goodness. I had the pumpkin spice oreo truffles, tuxedo strawberries, and cake pops galore. I spent 4 days making all of these goodies. It ended up being a slight bust. I would have made more than enough if I got a $1 for each time someone walked by saying my treats were cute. Cute don't pay the costs, honey!! A few people grabbed my business card and mentioned custom orders. Half the people that stopped by were my friends at work. I was so happy to see them come by and support me. If I had held a treat to my heart, it would've melted with the warmness I felt. Even though I ate a huge cost and have a box full of pops in my living room, I got my name out so hopefully this is a first stepping stone for "Chungry's Treats" as a side business. The other name I thought up was "EWeezyFBaby Cakes" but non-ratchets wouldn't get it. I'm hoping to do a few custom orders each month just to get my feet wet. Once I get the hang of it, I'm looking into baking my own cakes too.

Here are some of the cake pops from today, now gimme a $1 for every "cute" you think in your head!

Turkey & Autumn Mix

Pillsbury Doughboy aka Poppin' Fresh

Snowballs - borrowed the chocolate snowflake idea from the lovely Jane Ko

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Jane Ko said...

Cutee!! Love it :)