Friday, September 9, 2011

Sushi and Mochi Cake Pops

Konnichiwa and Moshi Moshi blog readers! Come on in to Erica's Baker-hana. If you can't tell today's cake pops have a Japanese theme. One of the things you need to know about me is that I love food that looks like other food. Cookies that look like Bacon and Eggs or Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cake Pops! I ran across a picture of sushi cake pops and that was instant love.

The main entree at Baker-hana is sushi rolls. Ta Da! These were a pretty easy. I dipped the cake pop in white chocolate that I dyed black. I used a bottle to pipe on some white candy melts and dipped the tops in a bowl of white nonpareils to look like rice. The red, green, and orange pieces are Mike and Ikes (is he getting you Mike and Ikes? You like Mike and Ikes?)

Now, it's time for dessert! Looks like we got some Mochi lined up.

Ok fine, it's really a cake pop of my dog Mochi but it's super cute right?! I used furry effect Bakerella used for her Elmo cake pops to look like Mochi's stringy hair.

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