Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mickey and Minnie Cake Pops for Bella

My little cousin Bella is having a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed birthday party for her 2nd birthday. Per the request of my Auntie Maricar, I made my first attempt at Bakerella's Mickey and Minnie Mouse pops. I could not find any black sunflower seeds (for the nose) at my neighborhood Target so I improvised. I used the closest thing I could think of - chocolate covered raisins. Granted, this made their noses a little bigger but I'm still proud of how they turned out. When I first looked at the step-by-step I would have sworn that it was impossible to do.

I started with the silhouette pops and they were easy enough. Took a nice bite out of one of them to show the red velvet inside. I think it's my new favorite flavor.

The face was the hard part. You have to pipe on the faces and let them dry. Then add the little details of the face. Don't mind the Mickey on the left.... he can barely see over his nose but he's still cute. They kinda look like a cover of a K-Drama with the typical 2 male and 2 female story.

And like the K-drama there's always one couple that will prevail.

(^-^) v

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Maricar said...

Oh WOW !!! Unbelievable !!! That looks so YUMMY... Isabella practiced eating them just now. I was going to email you and ask you to only do the Silhouette pops. But wow, that's wonderful !!! Thanks for giving it a try. Hope we can taste them too :-)