Sunday, June 26, 2011


Summer has been fantastic. The weather is great, around 70 -80 during the day. Not to hot and not too cold. The city has come alive and there are people (and traffic) everywhere. Rooftop parties galore. The sun doesn't set until past 9 so it feels like I have more time.

In addition to the great weather in Minneapolis. This summer, I'm planning to travel a bit and a few friends are coming to visit! I went to Denver in June, will be going to Texas for my birthday in July, and see my cousins and Felicia (who is interning for Nestle this Summer) in L.A at the end of July.

I got to explore the Rocky Mountains for our company region meeting. Colorado is such a beaut. There was great food, nice people, and beautiful, breathtaking scenery. We stayed at the haunted Stanley Hotel (the one that inspired Stephan King's The Shining and also where Dumb & Dumber was filmed). Lucky for me, there are no ghost sightings to report but the "historic" structure of the hotel makes for a creepy night and difficult sleep. You could hear every person walking, getting up, and door shutting in the hotel.

Felt right at home with the Western get-up

Reindeer on the side of the road! It looked at me for a few seconds... we had a moment.

Nothing like riding a mechanical bull with the Rocky Mts. in the background

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

Beautiful, my favorite picture from the trip. Something about running water soothes me. Apparently since I was a baby... my parents use to flush the toilet to make me go to bed. I've since upgraded.

The vibrant colors were unreal

yes... after months of snow, I couldn't wait to see it again. 

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