Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Life of Laziness

School ended in mid-December and I don't start work until February 11 so I've been living in limbo. I'm pretty responsibility free for the most part. Having no responsibility really inhibits my productivity. My days are slurring together. Today is Tuesday? Wednesday? ohh never mind, it's Saturday. I wake up when I want to and sleep when I'm tired. That could translate into waking up anywhere from 10 am - 3 pm and sleeping around 12 am or 5 am if I'm not tired. The rest of my days are consumed with small errands (mailing things off. picking up food, returning items, etc) but mostly killing zombies. Jojo got me an ipad for Christmas and since I have no major responsibilities or tasks I need to do yet, I've mainly downloaded a nice repertoire of games from Angry Birds, Bakery Story, Robot Unicorn Attack, Words with Friends, and my most recent addiction Plants vs. Zombies. If I'm not playing the game, I'm sitting there strategizing my next attempt at the endless survival. I close my eyes and I see peashooters and sunflowers.

It's bittersweet I suppose. I don't know when I'll have the next opportunity to lounge around like a lazy cat on a  hot afternoon. Quite ironically, even in January, in the midst of winter, Texas is experiencing hot afternoons. I joked with my mom saying that only in Texas you can experience 4 seasons within a single week.

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