Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010

Wow. Today is the last day of 2010. Where has the time gone?

2008 was a rough year for me. I was struggling with figuring out what I wanted to do with my life and feeling unfulfilled. I was determined to challenge myself and explore new opportunities. 2009 came around and it was full of ups and downs. I went abroad to study for 4 months in Asia to learn about myself and figure my life out. It was probably the best decision of my life despite the obstacles faced along the way. 2010 signified a coming end and a new beginning. I've just come back from HK to celebrate my favorite holiday (Christmas) with my dear family. 2010 is the year I will graduate and start a new chapter of my life. I was determined to make 2010 a year to remember, make the grades I've always wanted to make, spend time with those I love most, make most of my time in Texas, and prepare for the unknown chapter ahead of me. I'm proud to say that I did just that and 2010 has been one of the best years of my life. I hope it only gets better from here as we move on into 2011. Happy New Year!

2010 in pictures:
Welcoming 2010 at Stella's with my favorite girls

Reuniting with Nar after our trips abroad at Kata Robata

Watching Avatar 3D .... 3 times

Giving a tour of UT to the HK exchange students

Steph's 21st Birthday, new cycle of birthdays for the year!

Hanging out at the Bowling Alley Arcade

Girls Night Out on 6th Street in Austin

Loitering with my favorite people

Reuniting with ChuChu!

At Rudy's with the HK Exchange Students

Discovery of Strawberry PB M&Ms

Hanging out with Priyanka and Amy

Cirque Du Soleil Weekend

Happy Hour at Trio at Four Seasons

Girls just wanna have fun

Tiffany and Crystal's 22nd Birthday:


Welcoming 2 new baby girls to the family (bout time we had some girls!):


Birth of Wassup Wit It Wednesdays

Spring Break in Miami, Fl with our crazy Spanish Nicknames:


New Friends from Studying Abroad <3 Priyanka's 22nd Birthday

UT 40 Acre Fest

UT Holi Festival

Thai New Year's

David's 24th Birthday

UT Orange and White Ball:


Hanging with Jenna and Dani

Happy Hour at RA Sushi

Karaoke-ing our hearts out at Genji's after RA

All of Jojo's many game tournaments - one at an Anime Convention

Seeing Isabella Grow

McCombs Class of 2010 May Graduation:

Jojo's Graduation Dinner

Summer 2010 Sam's Club Internship in Bentonville, AR where I met some of my bestest friends:

Roomie Genell

Walmart Shareholders

Supplier Fair

Walmart Shareholders featuring concerts from Enrique Iglesias, Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey and more!

Canoeing for Sandra's Birthday

Interns doing the Walmart Squiggly

Birthday Party from Technology Department

Winning the Walmart Scholarship with John!

Intern Events

Gentry Outdoor Zoo

My 22nd Birthday:


1 year anniversary

Getting a JET ear piercing

Getting Mochi from Town Lake Animal Center

Mochi and Leo

Jojo's 25th Birthday

UT Football

Texas State Fair in Dallas, TX

Eating fried everything at Texas State Fair

Scavenger Hunt with ABSA Family

Discovery of Korean BBQ Tacos

More Girls Night


Austin Restaurant Week

Isabella's 1st Birthday

Kissing Grandma

Flying to different places all of November for job recruiting one being Chicago, IL

Meeting up with Sandra in Chicago

Having Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza with Mo at Giordano's

Long and Bao moved to Texas from Tennessee. It's like I gained 2 brothers at home

Rudy's with my co-officers and co-big sibs of ABSA: Felicia and Tim

My Graduation where my entire family came out to Austin to celebrate with me:


Last ABSA End-of-Semester Banquet:

With Monica and Cindy

My handsome date

Saying bye to ABSA at EOS

ABSA Family: Oh You Fancy Huh?

Celebrating Graduation with Friends:


From Student Org Officers --> Marketing Classes --> Bentonville Buddies --> GMI Family 


Reuniting with my 5th grade tier 4 class at Lupe Tortilla and talked about our achievements and plans



Vinh's 9th Birthday

Hello 2011 - NYE party at Lana/Andrew/Yao's


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