Friday, October 15, 2010

The Master of Mini Projects

I've been a poor avid blogger. And recently each post that I seem to conjure up lately begins with that line. Alas, I posted a sticky note to remind myself to blog. Future Erica regrets not blogging and always wishes Past Erica to blog more to add punctuation into her life. But regrets, as much as you wish they do, don't seem to rewrite the past. If only. Maybe one day. So, Future Erica is in luck because I am dedicated to producing more blog posts.

But the viability of that statement has an expiration date. You see, I am the master of mini projects. I come up with these great ideas, get super interested in them to sometimes the point of obsession, then a new idea comes up that strikes my fancy and off I go into the horizon leaving aside my promising project to sit like an old toy wishing to be played with. As my zodiac says about me....fickle Cancer, like the moon, has cycles. Lucky for project blog, it has cycled back to you!

I have so much to blog about that there is an endless queue of things I want to share with the world. This list accumulates day after day and it becomes overwhelming and I just don't know where to start. So here we go... the top 3 things I want to blog about and hope I get to. Let's combine a mini project with another. Maybe we will see a lift in the success rate.

1) Raising Mochi
2) Compilation of advice from a college super senior
3) Sweet Creations

Intrigued? Wondering why the heck I am up at 3:33AM? More to come, my small group of readers that I hope exists :)

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