Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Say Hello to Mochi!

I adopted Mochi from the Town Lake Animal Center on August 31, 2010. I've been looking for a dog since last semester but decided to wait until I came back from my internship in Arkansas. I spent 2 weeks visiting different animal shelters around Austin: Austin Humane Society, APA, and Town Lake Animal Center. Town Lake Animal Center had tons of dogs for all ages and sizes. My heart broke seeing so many animals that were  surrendered or homeless. Every dog was so friendly, cute, and wanting to be loved. I really wanted a border collie and fell in love with an adorable border collie puppy. I really wanted a dog who was active enough to jog, run, and play outside but can live in an apartment setting. I plan to take my dog out at least 3 times a week but I can't dedicate every single day. I did some research online and found that my lifestyle would not be best for a border collie who needs extended exercise and large spaces.

I met a few puppies but didn't feel like they were "the one". It's almost like meeting a significant other. You just instantly click with this dog and you know that you are suppose to cross paths. I met adorable chihuahua mixes, beagle mixes, and terrier mixes. Until I saw Mochi listed as a new incoming pup. She is a 3 month old Norfolk Terrier mix. I started researching into Norfolk Terriers to see what their temperament was like. It was an active little dog who could swim, learn tricks, and do short jogs with you but is small enough where running around in an apartment is sufficient exercise daily. The breed seemed perfect! I went to go meet her but Town Lake has a policy where incoming dogs have 3 days to be claimed therefore I couldn't touch or interact with her until 3 days later. After the 3 day period I came to play with her and another beagle puppy. I instantly fell in love with Mochi. She was so sweet and friendly. She was super happy to see me and didn't bite or scratch at me. Instead, lots of licks! I decided to adopt her but I had to wait 2 more days for her to get her shots and get spayed. Mochi was found on the side of the road unconscious. A good samaritan brought her to an animal hospital where she was diagnosed to be intoxicated. After recovery at the hospital she was brought to Town Lake where she appeared normal and eating well. Town Lake tattoos a female's belly to show that they have been spayed. I like to call Mochi a gangster because she's been intoxicated and tattooed all by the age of 3 months!

It's been almost a week since I brought her home and she's such a smart pup. She learned "sit" and "down" after just one day of training. She learned where her apartment was after a few times of taking her out. She's been good about not peeing around the apartment. Mochi's also incredibly friendly. She's super loyal and stays around me wherever we go. Mochi especially loves to cuddle. She became instant friends with Bailey, Crystal's dog. 

She seems mostly active and healthy. However, she started sneezing these past few days and I read up online that shelter dogs tend to get Upper Respiratory Infections so I schedule a vet appointment for her tomorrow to check her up. I hope she's ok! 

Me and Mochi at the Dog Park in Houston.

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