Thursday, October 22, 2009

Never A Good Time To Say Goodbye

As all break ups go, the words are never easy to say and never easy to hear. It's one lose-lose situation that all of us face sometime in our life and struggle to overcome. Borrowing words from my former lover, Chris Brown, it's never a good time to say goodbye. I only hope that my new former love will find new happiness in someone else's tummy.

Dear Food,

Thank you for all the good times and memories that you have provided me for the past 21 years. Sure our relationship has many ups and downs, but what couple doesn't go through that? Chocolate, you have brought me out of my saddest moments, shared love with me on Valentines, and congratulated me in my proudest moments. Popeyes, I will never forget the happiness I feel when I wake up and see that it's Tuesday. Happy Tuesday will always still be celebrated by me in your rememberance. Ice cream, I will always savor our memories. I will never forget the first time I tasted your fatty, creamy goodness and my heart will ache each time I see you embraced by another. There are better things I am in pursuit of, it is just really bad timing for me at this point in my life. Ice cream, you have been replaced by yogurt. Apples are the new candy and Raisins are the new chocolate in my life. I hope that you understand and realize that it's not you, it's me. It's been good but I need to move on and rid myself of your caloric betrayal. After some time away, I hope that we can be friends again some day.

Love always,


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Tiffany said...

haha. i love the donut picture i took. look at that and remember how many calories you ate that morning. contest is on!