Sunday, October 4, 2009

National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival

Day 39

October 1, 2009 is a public holiday for China. It celebrates the 60th anniversary of the forming of the Republic of China. There was a huge fireworks show which we watched from Central, Hong Kong. It was a marvelous show which must have costed millions. Ebe said that the Chinese love fireworks because it represents wealth. It has to be one of the most beautiful firework show I have seen next to the magic of Disney. There were not only your standard fireworks, they had heart shaped ones, smiley faces, the Hong Kong flower, and Chinese characters that decorated the night sky.

Mid-Autumn festival followed on Saturday. Ebe told me the story of Mid-Autumn festival: Legend holds that there was couple that had fallen in love. The man had a magical pill which would turn them into immortals and they could be together in love for all eternity. However, he told his love to wait for him as they would split the pill together after he settled some issues. The woman couldn't take the anticipation and let her curiosity overtake her. She took the entire pill on her own. The power of the pill turned her into a goddess and she flew to the moon. She was never to be seen again except on Mid-Autumn festival during the full moon you can see her shadow. So her lover, left on earth, waits yearly to briefly see his lover's shadow once more.

If I was that lover, I'd be pissed. Girl took my magical eternal pill! I wouldn't be longing after her shadow. I'd find another one, fly to the mood and drop kick her for taking my magical pill. Anyway, since I am not the lover nor do I possess a magical pill, I settled for going to a carnival instead where I saw Chinese acrobats, a Cantonese Opera, and little kids running around with laterns.

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