Thursday, September 3, 2009

What I am Studying


Day 8

This was my first week of school. Classes here are not too different from back home. There are quizes, exams, projects, papers, etc. But it is the professors that make it interesting.

MARK248: Pricing Strategy
My professor is a local resident and he has a strong Chinese accent. He was explaining how "lambergs" are used all the time and one is exposed to over 500,000 "lambergs" in their lifetime. One guy in my class raised his hand and asked "Sorry professor. What is lambergs?" and I busted out laughing uncontrollably. I long figured out that "lambergs" was actually "numbers".

SOSC298: Personality Psychology
My professor is a spunky, feisty woman who is passionate about the class. Personality Psychology is actually her pet project so she's enthusiastic about the course. She is also a local professor with accented english. However, her accent isn't as heavy as my pricing strategy professor. This professor just happens to say "ok" after everything. (OK men!) To entertain myself, I literally counted the number of "oks" that she said. In 20 minutes, she said ok 53 times. That is 1 ok every 38 seconds, 2.65 oks a minute.

MARK322: Judgement and Decision Making
My professor wasn't here on the first day.

HUMA163: Anthropology of Food
Of course I would. My professor is actually an American from Massachusetts. He is a social anthropologist and has even taught courses at Harvard. Today he told us that his goal is to "ruin our lives" and for us not to be able to eat a meal, go to a restaurant or supermarket, and not analyze it. We're going to be talking about society and culture through the lens of food. My kinda class!


TLT said...

Good website for Personality Type info...

lost duckie said...

Yeah.. that Anthropology of Food class.. knowing too much what about you eat could be a bad thing!

jchantra said...

Say Massachusetts 3 times fast. =)

Jia said...

I guess I was the person who asked about the term "Lambergs". Haha!!!

Erica said...

jia, stalker -_-