Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hong Kong To-Do List

A few of my friends have helped me compile a "To-Do" list in Hong Kong to enrich my experience and add some laughs. These are suppose to be done in photograph and video format. Wish me luck!

1) record a Hong Kong native black guy who has a fobby accent saying "fo shizzle my nizzle eweezy that's what's up"
2) ride on a random animal
3) try one crazy dish I would never try
4) meet a HK celebrity
5) try to find out where jackie chan lives
6) haggle with an asian vendor - AND WIN!
7) take a picture with Linda Chung and get her to sign it for Long Le (*rolls eyes*)
8) go up to a guy in the club and just start dancing
9) go to a restaurant where you eat out of toilet bowls
10) take asian glamor shots
11) take a picture with my long lost twin
12) convince a cute fob that I'm not American
13) get cheap fobby glasses
14) take a picture of someone posing while taking a picture
15) bungee jumping or sky diving
16) find the menu differences between Hong Kong McDonald's and America's McDonald's
17) make 100 friends at HKUST

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