Friday, August 7, 2009

Fig Leaf Baby Discount

It's my last week as an intern at Fig Leaf Baby. I really enjoyed work this summer, my boss is amazing and I've learned so much! We worked hard at revamping the website to make it more user-friendly but it's still getting tweaked so ignore how it looks! The finished website to be due in the next week or so will look amazing. Regardless, the products that Fig Leaf Baby sell is wonderful. I've bought many outfits for family and they all love how soft the cotton is. Please feel free to use the 20% off coupon exclusively for you! They make amazing gifts sets and if I see your order I will throw in a little surprise for you. So shop for those special little ones in your life! :)

Coupon code: ERICASFRIEND20


Thu Doan said...

"The Many Faces of Erica" section reminds me of this website:


Erica said...

lol!!! I think I should submit a pose!! hahaha