Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Mom's Birthday

This weekend I came back to Houston for my mom's birthday. My mom's birthday is always 2 weeks after mine. I started making it a tradition to cook for my mom for her birthday. I've made great progress since my first attempt. Last year, I made her breakfast but I've never scrambled eggs before... It took me half the carton before I could scramble 2 eggs properly.

This year, after my many many attempts at cooking via my kitchen at Jefferson 26, I could present a proper meal - Bo Luc Lac (Vietnamese shaken beef). I combined two recipes from Tiffany and Sandy to create my own tasty version. However, when I usually make this dish, it's personal size and for just me. I ended up overcooking the meat today. *sigh, THERE IS ALWAYS NEXT YEAR!

My Daddy is super wonderful and he takes really great care of me and my mom. My mom hasn't pumped gas since probably the 1980's. He always makes sure our needs are met, our cars have a full tank of gas, our tummies are filled, and the house is clean. My mom told me today how she could never live without my dad...

Mom: I hope that I die before your daddy
Me: why Mom?
Mom: Because if your daddy dies before me, who's gonna take care of me?!
Me: LOL. Mom! You are suppose to say because you love Daddy so much you can't imagine living a day without him.
Mom: LOL. Erica! You are suppose to say YOU would take care of me.

oh, Mom.. hahahaha


Phi said...

How funny! Awww. I didn't know the bo luc lac was for her bday. Happy Be-lated Birthday to "Ye EEE"

Thu said...

aw your family is so cute, erica :)

Peter Phan said...

so you know how bo luc lac yourself huh? hi erica.

lost duckie said...

i use to be a playboy. didn't see myself ever as being a hopeless romantic either.. but i am and i'm trying to make the best of it.