Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Bailey (Crystal's pup) and Momo (Alice's pup)

My roommates recently both got two adorable puppies. They are bichon frise papillion mixes and are little balls of fluff. I get the best of both worlds. I get to enjoy playing with them yet once they tinkle I get to run away run away - all play and no responsibility. The downside is that they will decide to scream bloody murder when left alone at 8AM in the morning. Granted, I can sleep through most noises but for some reason today, I couldn't. I rolled around in my bed trying to cover my ears with my pillows. I tried rolling in a ball. Yet nothing seemed to drown out Bailey's wails of puppy angst. I caved and decided to let her run around between me and Crystal's rooms. Usually this satisfies her since she can dash between room to room in lightning speed. I opened our doors and jumped back into bed hoping to utilize the last hour of sleep I could get.

Like women, she wasn't satisfied as it still wasn't good enough for her. I lifted her into my bed hoping to calm her but she had other ideas of her own. On the agenda was eating my hair and snipping at my nose. After 10 minutes of being her new chew toy I threw her back into Crystal's room and plugged my ipod in hoping to drown her exasperated cries.

There is something eerily soothing about listening to music while you drift to sleep. I drowned out the cries but I couldn't drown out my thoughts. I was listening to tales of heartbreak as sad love song after sad love song rotated through my playlist. Fond memories and not so fond memories resurfaced - both equally inducing a relentless desire. I laid there carefully exploring emotions I haven't felt in quite some time and drowning myself in memories, hope, angst, and fear. I slowly drifted, disconnecting my mind and body...

then the alarm goes off and I'm Soul II Soul...back to life, back to reality.

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Thu Doan said...

T_T They're so cute!