Monday, July 20, 2009

Birth Order

I can't believe it has been over a week since I've blogged! Shame on me!

Lately I've been on such a losing streak! I've made wagers on bowling and I've lost 2 in a row. So frustrating.

Anyway, factors that affect development of personality and personality psychology is something that has really fascinates me - particularly the theory on birth order. The theory states that the position that you hold in your family affects your personality. For example, first borns tend to be responsible and pursue careers in law, medicine or business. Last borns tend to be risk takers, outgoing, and demanding and will pursue more creative and abstract careers. Here is a break down of a few traits associated with each role.

First Born:
First Born's can be broken down into two different types. There is the compliant first born and the aggressive first born.

Compliant Traits: People Pleasers, Crave Approval, Caregivers, Reliable, Cooperative,"Grin and bear it" mentality
Aggressive Traits: Natural leaders, Perfectionists, Conventional, Always have things under control, Assertive,Want things their way, Organized

Common Traits: Energetic, Logical, Ambitious, Enterprising, Scholarly

Middle Child:
Depending on the dynamics of the family, researchers have found that there are also two types of middle children.

Middle Born #1: Loner, Quiet, Impatient, Uptight

Middle Born #2: Outgoing, Friendly, Loud, Laid back, Patient

Common Traits: Flexible, Diplomatic, Rebellious, Attention seeking, Competitive, Peacemakers

Last Born:
Last borns tend to be the easiest to define. They are the baby of the family and often live up to the role.

Traits: Risk takers, Idealists, Good sense of humor, Hard working, Immature, Attention seeking, Secretive, Sensitive

Only Child:
Only children are often referred to as "First Borns in Triplicate" meaning that these children tend to be extreme versions of first born children. Only children are a special type in the sense that they can be any of the three "main" types of birth order - first, middle, last. Some researchers suggest that only children take after the birth order of their mother.

Traits: Mature faster, Get along well with older people, Responsible, Self-Centered, Perfectionists, Attention seekers, Use adult language, Prefer adult company, Have difficulty sharing

Fun Birth Order Facts:
- More than 1/2 of the U.S. Presidents were first born children
- 2/3 of entrepreneurs are first born children
- Famous middle born children: Donald Trump, Ted Kennedy, Tim Allen, Julia Roberts, and Rosie O'Donnell (Love to stand out, Want to "do their own thing")

I am the only child but I think I take after my mother's role. My mom is a middle child and she encompasses everything of a middle child. I would say she's a combination of middle child #1 and #2 depending on the situation. I noticed that my friends tend to be older than me yet last borns of their family. I am a perfectionist but I do not prefer adult company. I would argue that I don't have difficulty sharing... I've just never learned how to :)

To take it a step further, researchers have suggested ideal romantic compatibility between birth orders. For example, first borns and last borns are compatible because first borns bring responsibility and nurture to the relationship while last borns bring in fun. Two people of the same birth order could butt heads. Since I'm an only child, it says I'm most compatible with the youngest child and the worse with male only childs.

I honestly believe my parents are so perfect for each other. Everything about them makes sense and they have complementary traits to one another. It adds more support to my interest in birth order and in astrology that my parents are compatible in both aspects. My dad is a first born and my mom is a middle child (suppose to be compatible). My dad is a Virgo and my mom is a Cancer, which are also compatible signs.

Last week, I was hanging out with Tiffany and Mimi and there was a perfect situation where all of our birth orders played out. We were all at Kroger's and Mimi saw oranges and wanted to buy them.

Mimi (high pitched, whiney voice): I want oranges! I want oranges! but... WAHHHH I don't know how to pick them!? How do you know which oranges are good?!
Tiffany: Ok, you have to make sure there aren't any bruises and it looks moist. Here, this one is a good one.
Mimi: I don't get it! I want oranges!!
Tiffany: *grabs bag* Here, I'll pick them out for you. How many do you want?
Mimi: *runs around in circles* yay oranges yay oranges! yay!
Me: *laughing in the background*

Mimi of course is the last born. Tiffany took control as she's the first born. And me being the loner only child, observed and laughed.


Tiffany said...

haha, yea. i noticed you hadn't blogged and i was is up?!

she didn't even eat the damn oranges!! lol

Anonymous said...

lol this is an interesting post. hmm referring to your "oldest child" part - i think it's possible to be both too. or have both traits. or at least that's how it is for me.