Sunday, July 5, 2009

We can do it real big, bigger than you ever done it

Perfect song for the weekend. To my friends: Y'all the best :)

This past weekend was celebratory events for my 21st birthday. It was an exciting, fun weekend and I feel so loved by all these wonderful people life has blessed with me called friends. I couldn't ask for a better way to turn 21.

I'm very capable of planning early and thanks to ABSA, I mastered taking care of details and planning ahead. Therefore, for my birthday, I've made tentative plans since the beginning of June especially since my birthday landed on 4th of July weekend and gave people a heads up to take off work. Most people did. Some didn't. One particular friend couldn't get off on Friday and wanted to make up for not taking off sooner so he switched his evening shift on Wednesday to be able to come spend time with me Wednesday night. We had dinner at Madam Mams, went to an arcade, and played card games the rest of the night. I don't know which part of me (being an only child or being a cancer) it is, but I thoroughly enjoy one-on-one time balanced with big group time. The one-on-one time on Wednesday was a great way to lead into my big group fun on the days thereafter.

Thursday: I was bombarded with Happy Birthday phone calls, texts, and facebook posts and I couldn't help but smile all day. I love attention, what girl doesnt? I had a shorter day at work because my boss took me out to eat lunch at Lambert's for my birthday. It was delicious and I never would have thought a bbq frito pie could be so good! Afterward, I was calmly preparing for my friends' arrival. A few of my closest friends were driving into town to celebrate with me. The day prior, I sent a mass text saying: "Can you give me a realistic time of arrival, factoring asian time?" and all of them replied 3. I knew better. With REAL asian time factored in, I figured we wouldn't have our complete group together until 4 or even 5. So i figured I had some time to kill.

My laptop has been acting up lately. Whenever I watch videos or listen to music, it would get really hot and slow down. I took it into Geek Squad for assistance. I explained the situation to the guy and after running a few tests, he informed me that my laptop was in perfect condition and nothing was wrong with it. We even opened up YouTube videos and played music to wait for my laptop to act up. Stupid laptop decided to be on its best behavior in front of the Geek Squad guy and made me look silly. The Geek Squad guy started talking to me in a basic tone and informed me that all laptops get hot. -_-;;

In honor of being 21, I decided to go to HEB to buy my first pack of beer. At Tiffany's request, I bought a pack of Corona Light. I was talking to my friend on the phone while I was in the check out line (Definitely shouldn't do that anymore). I got distracted when the checkout guy asked me for my ID. I was super excited and pulled it out quickly to show him that I can now purchase alcohol! I continued talking to my friend while waiting for him to complete the transaction. To my dismay, he kept staring at the ID and then back at me.

Check out guy: "This is not you. I don't think this is you"
Me: "Yes it is me. I assure you, it's me"
Check out guy: "Umm.. are you sure? I dont think so"
Me (in my head): "Oh hell no! This guy is not about to reject my REAL ID on my BIRTHDAY!"
Me (outloud): "What! Today is my birthday and that's me"
Check out guy hands me back the ID and I realized that I gave him Tovey's (one of my friends) ID that I was holding on to.
Me: "OH MAI GOT. omg. yeah, that isn't me, sorry!... hehe"
Check out guy: "that's what I thought"

I quickly walked out of HEB like I had a wedgie I've been waiting to pull. My next stop was the nail salon. I got a manicure and my toes painted. I'm pretty terrible at being a girl so I asked the nail guy (yes a guy!) to give me a double coat on my fingers cause I am bound to screw them up in less than a day. He gave me one and said that it should be fine. A little more than an hour later, I already had a few chips on my fingernails. I swear I am not a girl.

As I expected, the entire party showed up around 4:30. We swam at Orange Tree pool to kill some time. We had a 4-way chicken fight that ended in stalemate. Afterward, we went to Plucker's for dinner where I proudly showed my ID for a nice fruity drink. Unforunately, I can't say that this is my first legal drink. Last summer, I went to Canada and the legal drinking age there is 19. So technically, I had my first legal drink last year. The food was great as always. We then headed back to my apartment to pretty up and get ready for a night on the town.

Friday: We ate lunch at Rudy's and a few of my friends had to leave early due to work. We said farewell to a few and waited for the arrival of a few more that were driving up from Houston. I had my official nice birthday dinner on Friday. We dressed up and ate at NoRTH in the Domain. I had the most delicious pasta I have ever had in my life. I love thoughtful gifts. Sandy made me chocolate fudge cupcakes and she decorated them with my favorite flower - jasmines. Chris made me a birthday card from scratch and gave me a photo frame of a picture of us.

Since my July the 4th is right around the corner of my birthday, as a kid I always remember fireworks on my birthday or close afterward. I always thought that everyone's birthday must have had fireworks! We watched fireworks on Saturday night at Barton Springs and no matter how many times I watch them, it's always the perfect way to complete my birthday. Fireworks are like magic in the sky.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with me! It will be a weekend I will remember forever :)


Poboy said...

OMG!!! My goodness girl, you're a spending machine!!!

MLBCrew said...

it was fun being in Austin and getting to know your friends! love ya cuz! ;)

- Michael