Sunday, June 14, 2009

Typical Girl Post: Shopping and Boys

I love shopping! Alice and I went to Highland mall today because that's where all the "cheap" finds are. Forever 21 is one of my absolute favorite stores because you can get fashionable items for a reasonable price. Everytime I walk in that store I try on about 20 different things and end up wanting to buy at least half of them. I was on a quest to find dresses for my birthday occasions so I had to stay focused but it was quite difficult. Even after spending more than I wanted to (and after many heartbreaking reductions) I'm still in a shopping frenzy. I'm surfing my favorite retailers online for more good finds. Online shopping, although convenient, is just not the same as going in the store, rummaging through and finding that one outfit that just radiates off the stand. Then you run to the fitting room to try it on and it screams "buy me! take me home! look how much I accentuate your curves!" and you just feel all warm and fuzzy inside as you admire yourself in a full length mirror wondering how you ever lived your life without this wonderful peice in your closet. After you go home you take all the things you buy and lay out it on your bed as you admire them, think about trying them on again, and find it a home in your closet. Such a beautiful process that never gets old. I've been reluctant to buy things online. It's just not the same, it skips the whole shopping experience, and it's such a hassle to return. I've also noticed that a lot of merchandise online is misleading cause they have beautiful models with hot bodies displaying them so you think it looks great because everything looks great on those skinny bodies.
For example:

and then you gotta realize, oh my stomach is not that flat and oh my boobies are not that big. MISLEADING! Victoria's Secret and G by Guess are super guilty of this.


Anyway. One of my good friends Daniel has just returned from his semester abroad in France and has been coming over to share with me all the wonderful goodies he brought back such as red wine, chicken flavored lays chip, and some "mystery meat". Moreover, we do a lot of talking and catching up about our lives. In talking about relationships, he told me his room mate introduced him to an online e-book called "Double Your Dating" which is a relationship guide book for men. It sounded rather interesting so I decided to read this e-book myself to see what this guy knows about females that I didn't know. It was a quick read and I finished it within 2 hours with a few laughs. Honestly, the main takeaway I got from reading the book was that men and women are really no different. Of course the girl's relationship guides are more emotional and guys have more emphasis on sex. The resounding message I feel that come from these books regardless if its for men or women is that you really shouldn't act like you care very much. Overanxious and eager men or women fail at relationships. Apparently, the winner is the one who cares the least. So very sad.

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