Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Why do fools fall in love?

I really thought my ABSA life was over. I felt free and relinquished of anymore ABSA responsibilities. Boy was I wrong. Today and tomorrow, I will be the slave of ABSA. The newly elected officers are high over-achievers and have landed big time internships across the U.S and therefore are unavailable to table during the summer. Summer tabling is important because of Freshman orientation. So...I tabled for ABSA today in the scorching heat. There's so much about ABSA that I can ramble forever. I gave the same "social!professional!philanthropic!" speech about 30 to 40 times today. Tomorrow, somehow I got sucked into giving a tour to a Liberty Mutual executive and his son at the pleas of Molly Sun, Professional VP.

Besides my newfound continued enslavement, I had a really good day today. I love Tuesdays because it's Popeye's 99 cent special for a drumstick and a thigh! $2.70 provides a tasty, wonderfully fulfilling dinner for a broke college student. Afterward, I suggested watching the sun set at Mt. Bonnell but Daniel said he had an even better place. We drove to 360 and 2222 and sat on the ledge of the lake. It was a breathtaking view. Of course, Daniel and I's favorite topic of discussion is dating. He enthusiastically shares with me his new insights into dating and we share our views, opinions, and theories on this abstract emotion that can drive people to irrationality - love.

1) Love doesn't make sense. We as humans are always trying to rationalize things and find patterns in the most random data. Studies have shown that humans will try to create patterns and theorems off random data that merely is just random and senseless. Love is that kind of thing. It doesn't make sense and it boggles mankind because we want everything to make sense. Therefore, we always find reasons. You can't help who you fall for but somehow, people will try to find reasons to rationalize it. If this person is completely not right for you but you feel strongly about them anyway, you can create all the reasons in the world why they should be with you. There could be someone absolutely perfect for you but if you don't like them, you can create all the reasons in the world why it doesn't work.

2) For some reason, dating just gets harder and harder. Daniel and I shared all the love interests we have ever had from the very first to the most recent. Dating rules get a lot stricter nowadays. Back in high school you could get away with almost anything and like-ness is a lot more mutual. Now even if you like someone, you have to act like you don't. You have to try to not seem so eager and that you aren't sitting there anticipating their call. Even though your heart skips a beat whenever their name shows up on your caller id you have to clear your throat and say "hello" nonchalantly or even better, watch it go to voicemail. It's ironic that you can hang out with your friends everyday, 24/7 and it's perfectly fine. But it's not okay to hang out with a love prospect 24/7 because they could potentially lose interest. Therefore, the person you want to see and be with most isn't who you should be with most. What a hard, terrible, mind game...

yet so fun! :)


Thu said...

Sorry for being an overachiever :(

Tiffany said...

so so fun ;)