Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I absolutely adore my dad. He has to be one of the most gentle, loving, caring people in the world. He takes care of me and my mom without any complaints at all. He never asks for anything in return for his big heart and compassion. Me and my mom are emotional roller coasters and are dynamic individuals. Whereas people could find me and my mom a lot to handle, he finds us endearing. He says the sweetest things and is always content with life. If you read my other blogs, he's also quite the comedian!

My boss' niece and nephew came to visit so she let me work from home for the week. I decided to go to Houston to spend more time with my friends and family in Houston. Each of the two cities has it's perks. I do wish that I could stay in Houston to spend more time with those I don't really get to see for the school year. Looks like there is a lot of driving in store for me.

Today was Father's day and to celebrate, my parents and I went to Fufu Cafe (my dad's pick of course). Unfortunately, since it was Sunday I had to hurry back to Austin so I couldn't stay for dinner. After lunch, we headed to my cousin's house in Katy to visit them and see their new baby!

As we drove to my cousin's house, my mom and I had a heart-to-heart conversation. We talked about a lot of things that happened in my life and talked about experiences I've had. She told me that some of my family members feel that I've grown up way too fast. From our conversation, it really got me thinking about life and growing up. Time goes by faster than you expect and life always moves forward. Growing up, we go through all these different life stages and a lot of times we always wish to go to the next step. In high school, I couldn't wait to graduate and go to college. In college, I'm always anticipating the next stage: turning 21, getting a job, and dreaming of all the things I will do as a "grown up". When it all passes, you look back and you wished you spent more time enjoying the stage you went through because it's the only time you had to live it. Time really does fly. One moment I'm 5 running through the yard and trying to climb everything I see and then I'm 20, nearing the end of my undergraduate education and watching the new wave of little ones in my family go through what I wish I could experience once more.

Vi Uyen Nguyen

Life indeed does move on. Little babies are the proof of it. Another little one is to be expected in October. Here come's the new wave of girls in our family. (I was the only girl in the family + 10 boys)

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