Monday, June 29, 2009

Family&Friends :)

My family and friends are so wonderful. I went back to Houston this weekend because my family was celebrating my 21st birthday early. Apparently, Chinese people don't like to celebrate birthdays after your birthday. Which doesn't really make sense to me because shouldn't you celebrate your birthday after you turn the age?

My parents bought me a Tiffany&Co charm bracelet for Christmas and I lost the first charm they bought me. So, on Saturday my mom took me to Tiffany&Co to buy me more charms for my birthday. I've been looking on the Tiffany's website for a while now and I had my eye set on a sophisticated martini glass to commemorate my 21st birthday. Somehow, I ended up walking out with a teddy bear and a pink lollipop. I guess I am a big baby after all :)

Today, I got all dressed up for my birthday to only be stripped down to a Hawaiian outfit. Yes, my family decided to throw me a themed Hawaiian Luau party bash! I was in this ridiculous outfit with lei's all around me from head to toe and a grass skirt. They put up Hawaiian themed decorations around the house and Stella even planned fun party games for us to play. We had a 3 legged race, a balloon toss, a sponge race, and a limbo party. It was super family fun and everyone had such a great time. Of course, during the water balloon fight I had a big target on my forehead and was drenched from head to toe! After all the games, we went in to watch a slideshow that my cousins made for me that had a compilation of all my pictures from baby to now.

I feel loved and really lucky to have such an amazing family and also the awesome friends that came last minute to celebrate with me! I racked up on some $$ and I already have a list of where that moolah will be going (This is why I am not a finance major). Vu got me a beautiful pink tennis bag, racket, and matching pink balls. Now I am obligated to stop procrastinating on learning how to play tennis.

Family&Friends are the best! <3

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