Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Austin Summer

So I'm back in Austin for the Summer. I started my internship and so far it's going well. There's a lot to learn so I'm excited about what knowledge I will gain from this. It's a 15 - 20 hr obligation a week so there's room for another part time job. I decided against going for a psychology minor and just finishing up a communications one therefore I wouldn't need to take any classes in the Summer. I'm thinking about working in food service for the Summer. However, I have no experience and it sounds tough so I'm not sure if I'm cut out for it! I'll give it a go though.

This is the first Summer I have spent in Austin and it's quite different from the normal school season. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing. There are less people around campus and so far the positive effects I've seen is that parking is abundant. I'm interested to see how this effects Austin night life. 

Like I said previously, my mom likes to talk about dating and relationships particularly those that involve me, my close friends, or our family. In a topic of discussion, I jokingly said that most Asian guys are shy so she should expect me to bring a different raced boyfriend home in the future. She asked why I think this is so and it brought me back to thinking about my Hofstede post. Although our generation grows up with American influence, there is still a lot of influence from our Asian roots. My friends and I have noticed that in the social scene, Asian males tend to be less assertive and more shy about approaching a female that they aren't acquainted with. From Asian people that I've talked to,  most Asians, including myself, prefer to date people who are they meet through friends instead of being randomly approached. This supports the idea that in Asian culture there is an "in" group and an "out" group. Perhaps the "in" group in this case would be the individual's social network and they prefer dating someone who is in their "in" group.

Anyway, my well anticipated events are fast approaching with only days or weeks left! I'm tempted to add a countdown widget to my plethora of side content... hmm..


Thu said...

blog!blog!blog! It's been over a week. I am dying, here :)

Erica said...

aww thu you read my blog?! :D <3

I had one saved but I didn't finish it haha.