Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pool + sun, FYM, fun and repeat

I'm so tan! Facebook is filled with pictures from EOS and I can't help but notice how dark I've gotten. I tan so easily. It's ironic that in high school I was always known as the pale girl. Since I have no finals, I've been having lots of fun in the sun, literally. Yesterday, Me and Johanna laid by the pool in the afternoon for a few hours and talked about life and college in general. We were swimming in the pool in her apartment which is on the roof of her building. In place of beach chairs there were mattresses to lay on! It was calm and peaceful as we were the only people there. The only complaint was that the water looked unnaturally blue. Swimming is fun but the thing about swimming too often is that the chlorine takes a toll on your hair and even after a long shower, somehow the smell of chlorine still linger. After swimming, I had to head over to the business school for Feed Your Mind which is an event put on by ABSA filled with free food for people while they study. The food consists of fruit snacks, ramen, jamba juice, pizza, chipotle, vitamin water, and many more. FYM is the last day we're even remotely considered 'officers' anymore. It's a mixture of relief and sadness.

Today looks like a repeat of the day before with a few variations. I woke up early today to complete an intercultural inventory in preparation for study abroad. The incentive to drive all the way to campus that early to complete it is the promise of a lonely planet book. So my new journey is starting to unravel. After completing the inventory, I went home to find my netflix sitting cozily in the mail box. I grabbed some snacks and watched "Definitely, Maybe". In a few minutes Johanna is coming over to swim at the Jefferson 26 pool and afterward is the last FYM. Following FYM is the officer transition meeting where we pass down all our materials to the next year's officers. Then it really will be over.

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Tiffany said...

i am jealous. i've been getting darker the artificial way...with self-tanning lotion. HAHAHA. wow. so sad. i love how your playlist changed from up-to-date hip hop, to old school r&b. missssss youuuuu :)