Tuesday, May 19, 2009

and lady, you will have a happy life

There is a renowned psychic in the Vietnamese community named Cau Chin which translated means Uncle Nine. People start lining up as early as 2AM to seek his guidance and reading. His readings are proclaimed as accurate by many people. My grandmother is an avid believer, as well as many of my friends. To see what the hype is all about, a little more than a year and a half ago, Nick, Crystal, and I traveled to Houston to see him one weekend during the semester. He said some general and vague things that could be twisted to apply to my life. I'm not one to believe fully in these readings but I don't rule out its validity either. I let life play out to see if anything he says would come true. He mentioned that in the following year my Uncle and Aunt would get the baby they've been wanting and the same year my cousin would get married. Here I am in 2009 and my Uncle and Aunt are indeed expecting and my cousin is getting married in July.

He also brought up a "soul mate". Personally, I don't believe in soul mates. I think there are more than 1 person out there for everyone.

Today me and Alice woke up at 4AM to see him, my second time and Alice's first time. When we arrived at 6:15AM (he opens at 8AM) there were already 20+ people in line. The group is rather diverse in both age, race, and background. I forgot much about my first experience and forgot how long the wait was. Me and Alice wrote our names down and left to wander Chinatown while waiting for our reading. I learned that Banh Mi places are open at 7AM which was awesome for us. We didn't get our reading until about 11AM. While roaming around, the nerd I am noticed that a lot of neighboring stores to Cau Chin's office/temple sell cassette tapes. Cau Chin lets you record the reading and people often bring tape recorders. It's interesting how a demand generated from another store can create a market for an item.

Once you walk in he starts talking quickly but quietly so you really have to pay attention to what he says. He seemed quite distracted with his back facing me and cleaning up the room as well as receiving phone calls as he talked about my life. He basically repeated everything he told me last time including the information about who my "soul mate" apparently is. He gave a birth year and the first letter of the first name. Last time I went, he wrote it on a post-it note and told me to hold on to it. This time he repeated the same birth year and first letter and also gave me a time frame on which I'm suppose to meet him. (Still skeptical but intrigued by the repetition)

Me and Alice compared our readings (he lets you record them) and found a lot of similarities which made us question how true it is. I was told that the more often you visit him, the more accurate and specific details he gives. This time around, it was a quicker summary of things he has told me before. I guess it does reaffirm the probability of it being true since the reading hasn't changed.

Afterward, we went to Golden Palace and enjoyed some good ole Dim Sum!


Charlene said...

This is coincidentally funny you blogged this today. You don't know me but I planned to see him today, too, for the first time ever. However, I accidentally over slept and figured it was too late. Then I thought about going to see him before work in the morning tomorrow, so I googled around to see if anyone has mentioned how long the wait is and I came upon your blog.

And, wow, when I read the first line about people rising up at 2 am to see him.. I'm thinking it's best to just go on my off day, haha. Can you tell more about the signing in process? And it seems like Cau Chin rushes the reading.. Did you ask any questions that you wanted to hear?

Thanks for your blog. It's nice to hear detailed insights of what to expect beforehand!

Erica said...

Hey Charlene!

Yeah, that is quite coincidental and thanks so much for reading my blog! :]

I definitely would suggest going when you have an off day. A friend of mine goes often and he lines up at 2AM to be one of the first 5.

There is a line outside of his door and around 7AM one of his workers arrive and takes down your name. At that point you are free to do as you please. My friend and I calculated how long it took and he averaged around 8 - 10 minutes a person. We were #26 and 27 and didn't get to see him until 11. He will sign up to 60 - 70 people a day. Around 10:30 was when the list maxed out at 70 but we were still only on #22.

The first time I went, he was shuffling cards and seemed focus on my reading. However, this time he was seemed really distracted and cleaning up the place and picking up phone calls. My friend mentioned that during hers he was stapling papers and reading the newspaper. I talked to my mom later and she told me he does this pretty often. He does talk rather fast and he speaks quietly so you have to pay extra attention.

I asked a few questions but I realized later that my questions were worded in his favor. I was reading up on psychics and they suggest asking about being specific with names of people you are asking about but not necessarily the details because they could just tailor the question to what you want to hear.

He answers the question very briefly and you have to push for more details.

Hope that helps!

The Soul Train said...

To find one's soulmate, one must find himself/herself first.
To find oneself, one must get lost first.

Life is a journey...not a destiny.

The happiest people in the world are usually people who have a second chance at life.

Anonymous said...

I saw him yesterday and i accidently walked to his door during a reading when we locked eyes, i turned around immediatly and walked back to the wait room, then his associate went back to him and came back and said if anyone is family you need to go together, which my sister was with me but was not going in because i wanted a private one, well he knew without even leaving his room and just looking at me he knew my sister was there, my sister is the one who took me because i am ill and we have lost several family members due to death, when we walked in we sat down and he started talking to me and telling me things that nobody could possibly know.I began to cry and asked him , my husband passed away why, he says he is here with your dog, yes my husband passed away right after our poodle and also my mother who also had passed was there and my other sister who had passed, he was on the money with everything, and he is the real deal i will see him again, but when you go just be patient and know its worth the wait, i left there a knew person and felt so uplifted, this man is a true spiritual person and i will go again after that for anyone who is hurting he is awesome, but pay very close attention to what he says, he read my mail before i even went in the door to see him and he is a true spiritual person and do not see a scam anywhere, i have been to others, and there is no other like him, go if you get the chance and write down your questions, the funny thing is i wrote all my questions down and they were in my purse, he answered all my questions i had wrote down in order without even looking at them, he knew so much about me and has never met me and things that nobody knows, its worth the time and take a good donation, i feel he does bring the dark to the light. I greatly respect this man of God.

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