Monday, April 6, 2009

Totally.... totes my goats!

This weekend was eventful and filled with nonstop action. On Friday, I went running, had softball practice and then watched "I Love You, Man" with my ABSA family. It was an enjoyable movie and I was touched by the bromance. It was arguably the best comedy in 2009 so far.

On Saturday, we went canoeing with ABSA in beautiful weather and had snow cones at Snow Beach afterward. I swear, after you eat a snow cone from Snow Beach, no other snow cone will ever compare. The ice is so smooth and the syrup so sweet, it just melts in your mouth. Afterward, we went to a Crawfish broil at Will's house to celebrate the start of the IM Softball season / reunion for Long's crew that went to Spring Break. I've never been to a crawfish broil before mainly because I'm not a big fan of seafood and watching these little guys being boiled alive doesn't make me want to try it. Pounds and pounds of crawfish shells were laying around after everything was done and it was sad that so many crawfish had to die for the little piece of meat in their tail. I did eat some potatoes and sausages that were mixed in. I also really want to know.... why do crawfish and shrimp turn red/pink when you cook them? After the crawfish broil and a few boardgames, we went to bowl at 300. I love bowling and  I love making bets with people and then winning. 

Today, Sunday, was our Softball game and Ballz to the Wall won 6 to 5. I hit the ball each time I went to bat but I couldn't get to first base. The first time I stared at the ball before I started running and the second time I was just too slow. My goal next time is to get past first base! After the Softball game was a series of ABSA meetings running from 6:30 to 9:00PM right in the middle of dinner time. I was starving when I came out and Korea House afterward was the perfect remedy. 

Now I'm off to work on my school work and obviously trying to stall by writing in this blog.


pat said...

sounds like an amazing weekend!

Chris said...

man i love that movie