Thursday, April 23, 2009

STOP! in the name of...

I love Marketing, don't get me wrong. I'm a lot happier than I was when I was crunching numbers into a Financial calculator or doing debits and credits...But as human nature proves, it's hard to be completely satisfied with something. I find Marketing projects back to back distasteful. Both of my Marketing classes require extensive team projects that are draining the life out of me. It never ends, after one project is over another one begins. Team project 2 for MKT 460 was due last Friday, our 40 page country market report for Global Marketing was due on Wednesday which took out 8pm - 3am Tuesday, and our Team project 3 for MKT 460 is due this following Monday. Why??? The only good thing that comes out of these projects is the feeling of glory when you finish.

Yesterday, in Global Marketing, we talked about Western style TV advertisements vs the ones in Asia. Asians prefer soft selling which means they are moved by emotion and desire instead of logic and superiority in the U.S. In Asia, advertisements are often image-oriented and rarely gives any information about the product at all. This video was shown in class:

It's 4 minutes long and totally unrelated to the product. It's like a (mini) inspirational movie. But even in the U.S. people have different perceptions on advertisements. A girl in my class brought up the BK Kid's meal commerical with Sponge Bob and she was horrified that it was directed at children. I was shocked because it's one of my favorite commercials so far and I think that most children are cultured and less unaware than we all think. I don't think a bunch of girls shaking a square shaped butt is as unapproriate as somethings kids could see strolling onto MTV or BET. 

I love Thursdays. I only have one class for the day and my weekend festivities begin. This week we are not having an ABSA GM instead it's the Swing Outs Banquet! ABSA is in the running for UTLB's Most Professional and Most Outstanding.... I'm excited for tonight!

In other news, Cinnamon is still no where to be found. She's really gone :[

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