Sunday, April 12, 2009

Girl Talks and Baby Talk

Girl talks are immensely satisfying. After a night on the town yesterday, my roommates and I talked until 6AM in the morning about all sorts of things ranging from love interests, boyfriends, parents, aspirations, and friendships. I forget what it is like to talk so freely about the matters you feel so deeply about. There were some resurfaced emotions and some emotions I was surprised that I felt. I think it's important to reflect, sort out your thoughts, and give yourself a reality check. There are many obstacles in life and everyone handles things differently. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. Living with someone is different. Your actions and your character traits are transparent. It's wonderful to know that at the end of the day, despite your weaknesses and character flaws, there are people that really love and care about you not through obligation or for personal gain, only because they value you and your relationship with them. For those reasons, I love my roommates.

As stated previously, Snowball is now in Austin! He's experiencing some separation anxiety especially since my parents left him alone and he's also away from Cinnamon. Whenever I leave, he starts whimpering by the door. He's adapting to his new environment and is finding new ways to entertain himself. Whenever Snowball walks into the room, quite the phenomenon happens. Everyone that interacts with him starts baby talking and their pitches go many octaves higher. For the past couple days there has been many "goochie goochie goos" throughout our apartment.

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Chris said...

im glad to hear everything is running smooth agian =)