Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday I called my mom and her voice made my heart drop. "Don't freak how when I tell you this" she says. She then proceeds to tell me that my Grandma lost Cinnamon. She let her out in the backyard and when she let her in, she wasn't there anymore. At first we suspected that my Grandma's neighbor might have taken her and I was ticked. I was ready to drive back to Houston, kick them in the shins, and claim my dog. However, my Aunt and cousins went to talk to all my Grandma's neighbors and none of them have seen Cinnamon. We're not sure where she is now and I've been unable to focus on my studies, drifting into thoughts about her being hurt, hungry, lost, or even dead. :(

Now it's 1 hour before my MKT 460 test and I'm only halfway through memorizing my review. I can't seem to focus back onto the test review. This feeling is worse than senioritis.

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