Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday was Evening of the Stars which is a banquet that recognizes different organizations all across campus. Awards consisted of categories such as: Best Cultural, Best Service, Most Improved...etc. ABSA applied for Best Professional and Most Outstanding this year and the officers stayed up until 5AM finishing up our 20 page application. A few weeks after the application was due, they notified us that we were a finalist and set up an interview time. The interview then led to the Evening of the Stars banquet.

From 5 - 6PM it started off with socializing and a buffet (delicious!). Then it was onto the awards. They listed all the nominees and showed beautiful slide shows depicting these organizations. The first category that ABSA applied for was up and we all crossed our fingers. We were against HBSA and ALPFA, both very reputable professional organizations. HBSA has won this award a few times in the past.

When they called our name, we were all excited to win this award two years in a row. Jocelyn gave an acceptance speech and we all passed around the trophy excitedly. After the rest of the awards were given out the most prestigious one was to be announced: Most Outstanding organization. There were 33 other organizations that applied and 5 were finalists. The other nominees were amazing organizations and won awards in other categories. We did not expect to hear our name at all. 05-06 was the last time we won this award. We all screamed and were absolutely speechless. Jocelyn didn't even know what to say when we got up there. I was shaking afterward because of how proud I was and how shocked I was of winning Most Outstanding making this the first year we have won BOTH Best Professional and Most Outstanding. Next year's panel has huge shoes to fill! Who's going to rise up to the challenge? ;]

ABSA WON BEST PROFESSIONAL AND MOST OUTSTANDING at Swing Outs!!! It's so exciting and thrilling for all of us because our hardwork has been recognized. It's been an awesome year and an awesome journey. Officer love to the max! 

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