Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tired of Tests

For 4 weeks straight, I've had/will have a test each week. Although this is preferable over having multiple tests in the same week, it's like a slow and painful death. Whenever I finish studying for one test, my relief doesn't last for long because I soon have to study for another. I don't understand myself sometimes when it comes to tests. A lot of people can cram and continue studying for tests the day of but whenever there are only a few hours left in the countdown to my test I freeze and can't seem to study any more. I guess I freak myself out and I feel like I know the maximum amount to know at this point. For example, my MKT 460 test is in 1 hour and I'm sitting here typing in my blog because I can't bear looking at my test review any longer.

I applied to study abroad in Hong Kong but my stupidness didn't read the instructions carefully about the letters of recommendations. I need a recommendation letter from an instructor at McCombs that I actually took class from. I sent in a recommendation from a BBA Career Advisor that instructs a B A 101 class but not the one I took so they are not accepting it. I frantically sent an email to a previous Marketing prof for a letter and hoping that the study abroad admissions will take it considering I am now 2 days past deadline. Let's cross my fingers and hope this won't ruin my chances to study abroad.

The bad economy is hitting home. I've received bad news from my Phi and Stella about their wedding. Stella worked for HSBC but HSBC is shutting down operations in the U.S therefore leaving Stella on the hustle and looking for another job. Therefore their wedding is now postponed. The only good news is so is my diet.

On a lighter note, ABSA men's and co-ed basketball teams are both UNDEFEATED and both made it to PLAYOFFS!! Hurray!

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