Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break!: Funny Mom Moments

Hurray! It's Spring Break! It's a great start to the break when you find out you made a 90 on a paper and a 90 on your last quiz of the week. I drove back today in the awful rain. The weather has been so beautiful for the past week and it WOULD be like Texas to have winter weather the days prior to Spring Break. So I came back to Houston and hung out with my high school friend Vu for a bit and went home to a nice, clean house.

My mom never fails to make me laugh.

Funny Mom Moment #1:
My parents have Buddha shrines around the house in honor of the Buddhist gods. It's tradition to place food, water, etc as an offering to the gods. The food usually consists of fruit and vegetarian dishes. There is a Buddha shrine next to our computer in the game room and I looked over to find girl scout cookies sitting on a plate as an offering. I asked my Mom why she put girl scout cookies there and her reply: "We ran out of a fruit and Buddha likes girl scout cookies too."

Funny Mom Moment #2:
I was on Facebook while my mom was chatting and updating me about things that has happened. Grandma's party, Phi and Stella's Wedding, etc when she stopped in mid-sentence, pointed at my profile picture and says..

Mom: OMG who is that, it looks like a guy!
Me: Yeah it is that's Andrew, he had to dress like a cheerleader because he lost a bet
Mom: *laughs* You know he would make a pretty girl
Me: I know! I told him that before!
Mom: He actually looks prettier than you and the other girl in that picture
Me: -_-

Funny Mom Moment #3:
As I was saying before, my mom was updating me on the curent family affairs and my cousin's wedding is no longer postponed. The wedding will just be smaller and not as grand. This is of course GREAT NEWS in every aspect instead of my diet. After I thought the wedding was postponed I went food happy and ate everything I wanted and gained back all the weight that I lost. When I went to eat with Vu I showed no mercy on Rudy's BBQ and the hot chocolate, a fruit tart, and Creme Brule at La Madeleine we had afterward. I exclaimed that I wish I had known sooner so I didn't eat all the bad things I have been eating for the past week or so. My mom then went on a 10 minute lecture on how I should exercise to be healthier regardless of the occassion and this is good for me so I can be in shape not for the wedding but for myself. After the lecture she got up to go downstairs to watch her nightly tv shows with my dad. Before she leaves she goes: "oh are you hungry? do you want any food?" So much for her lecture on eating right.


Tiffany said...

hahaha. omg. i should've never let you eat that dippin dots ice cream or godiva strawberries. AND you bought chocolate pearls :X eeeeep!!! no more eating out with the lovelies :(

Chris said...

that picture of andrew is quite disturbing

Chris said...

haha oh and your mom is cute i can picture her leaving the house and asking your if you want something to eat before she leaves haha. one more thing, Have fun be good and party hard! you deserve it. =)