Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do you see what I see?

Last week I went to get my annual eye exam. My eyes got a tad bit worse. I went from a -1.25 to a -1.5. Whenever I tell people what my vision is, they're always like "psh, well I'm a negative 5, that's nothing!" But hey! It's all relativity, so my eyes are still getting worse in my standards. My insurance allows me to get new glasses every other year, so this year I got to get new glasses! They are pink and black (my favorite combination) and oh so cute but I'm not use to the new strength of the lens so my depth perception has been off. I was sitting on top of the stage in the gym while watching a basketball game. Usually I need a step to get up so the distance between the stage and the ground is a good amount of space. However, with my new glasses, everything seems closer than it really is and I jumped off the stage only to find myself falling over and stinging my feet. And the bad thing is, I happen to do it twice. You would think I would learn not to touch the stove after the first time..

On Friday, ABSA had their Ballroom Dancing Social with ALPFA. It was a lot of fun and we learned how to Jive! Some of the ABSA members busted out with their hidden ballroom dancing knowledge and talents. It was quite impressive and I wished I had some kinda secret hidden talent to unleash. It was a good event because I came out with two goals, 1) Take a ballroom class or join Texas Ballroom before I graduate and 2) Have more socials with other orgs to strengthen our relations. Triple step (r), triple step (l), rock step! yay!

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