Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I love ABSA IM Basketball

It is the week before Spring Break, my last test from my first wave of exams was on Monday, and I don't have anything to do! It feels amazing to have one day to do absolutely nothing after a month of back to back tests, papers, reports, and quizes. That's why the first couple days of Summer break feel so amazing. It's right after a grueling, intense few weeks of finals and class wrap up assignments. However in my case, I have nothing to do but everyone else around me is studying and groan when I jump around going "play, play, play!" So far my day has been filled with eating out with lovely people, playing video games, NOT reading thats for sure and ABSA!

Speaking of which, ABSA men's basketball team won their 5th game in a row and 1st playoff game. Both the Co-ed and Men's team have been undefeated the entire season and both won their 1st playoff game. There are 3 more games remaining till the championship and I'm confident that we'll have a hell of a fight getting there. I've been so proud of the good team work, sportsmanship, and dedication of my Athletic Directors and the entire IM Sports team. Some of the business orgs came together to schedule our teams in the same bracket to play with each other and I've been talking so much mess I'm glad our team can back up all my friendly mess talking. :). Tony Tran asked me how it felt to be the first Internal VP to oversee an 8-0 season and now 10-0. My reply? REALLY FREAKING LUCKY to have an amazing team! The only thing I probably provided my team is my awesome roommate ;) Basketball is such an exciting sport, I hope everyone keeps coming out to the games!

For this week's meeting we are having officer-for-a-day which means no suit for me! Yipee! There's so much to be excited about. IM Basketball. No Suit!. Spring Break. Freedom!


Tiffany said...

i am "lovely people" :)


lets get yogurt now. i'm hungries. do you want to feel my mushkles while we eat it? LOL.

Chris said...

that picture of andrew is quite disturbing

Chris said...

Good luck absa!