Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wooo sahhh

It is so difficult to break off my relationship with food. My cousin told me for her, it's easier to go to the gym 5 times a week then eat better. I'm totally feeling her on that one. Everytime I find myself craving something I shouldn't crave. For example, Plucker's sound mighty good to me right about now..... Last night I snuck some soft tacos in and tried to hide it from my roommate. I left evidence sitting right at the edge of my desk (Taco Bell mild sauce) but she didn't notice. Eating less and right is hard.... I have a new found admiration for anorexic girls. How do you resist a burger?!

Besides my struggle with that, this week has been a start of a pretty crappy week. Just today I had a test in International Trade and it was death in the form of 3 stapled papers. Don't you hate those multiple choice questions where multiple answers sound right?! Almost every other question I could have sworn had two right answers. Even though the test was only 5 chapters she requires you to know immense detail over each concept and god forbid we had to apply them in the multiple choice questions! What happened to the good ol' definition questions? Not only did I have a test today, I had a team project due today (which I spent 5 hours yesterday working on), a team project due this coming Friday, SwingOut applications for ABSA due on Friday, a marketing case due on Wednesday, and a quiz on Thursday. All these assignments are like little ninjas, they sneak up and attack you all at once least when you expect it. They're doin'g a little "high-yah" number on me. Woooo saaahhhh...

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Chris said...

thank god that weeks over eh? Now all you need is a little bit of shopping and 1 Really good meal