Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be Mine

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! Or as some people like to call it Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D) and then there are those who dislike the day with the argument of "you should show your S.O you love them everyday not just 2/14". I have a bone to pick with that statement. I personally agree that you should appreciate your S.O and show your love, but I also think that Valentine's day has a great meaning to it. Love is a powerful and cherished "thing" (for lack of better word) and it's lovely (haha) to have a day in its honor.

Where some people dislike the generic, standard teddy bears, flowers, and candy for Valentine's day or any romantic offering for that matter... I love it. I love everything cutesy and romantic. I love bears in general so teddys aren't any different. I love candy and I can appreciate flowers (even though they are useless). I can also appreciate the non conventional gifts as well as the home-made. Pink is my favorite color and a day that is filled with it along with its cousin (red) is always a nice day.

My absolute favorite Valentine's treat though are Chocolate (and white chocolate!) dipped strawberries (esp from Godiva!!). My roommate suggested for us to make our own and as much as that sounds great I'm pretty picky about my chocolate-dipped strawberries. It has to be the right quality chocolate and the right quality strawberry. I personally prefer dark chocolate and white chocolate over milk chocolate. I think that the slight bitterness to dark chocolate contrasts well with the sweetness of the strawberry and the sweet white chocolate complements the strawberry as well. In terms of strawberries, I prefer medium sized ones. The large momma jamma strawberries tend to me less sweet than their smaller counterparts in my opinion.


Mimi Tran said...

I love the cliche, cheesy stuff. I got a build-a-bear last year. It was the best gift ever. Even though I don't like looking at it now. I spent my evening with a bunch of boys and my valentine. Nothing to be S.A.D about.

Chris said...

Damn im good =)