Saturday, January 31, 2009

Webcaming with my Mom

My Uncle recently got my mom a webcam and installed skype for her. We had our first video chat today.

It was filled with funny faces...

and confessions...

Mom: Who did you eat Korean with?
Me: Alice
Mom: Just Alice? That's it? Why?
Me: Mom I have a secret...
Mom: What. What is it?
Me: I'm a lesbian. Me and Alice are lovers.
Mom: Alice is the girlfriend? and you're the boyfriend?
Me: No, I'm the girlfriend too. We're both girlfriends
Mom: You just came out of the closet? You don't like the boy no more? you like girls?
Me: ...yes..


Chris said...

adorable, i love the first photo =)

Anonymous said...

"you dont like the boy no more" hahahaha

Shinzouki said...

You know, the very first time I met you... I knew that something wasn't really right. Now finally it all makes sense... you're into girllllssss

Mimi Tran said...

Your mom is so funny. I love your stories about you mom. The binoculars one still makes me laugh.